Female Bliss At The North. By Adiey Joe

Female Bliss At The North. By Adiey Joe

Watching their pictures  posted or shared on social media, gave a healthy legit Fomo, I guess it’s the energy shared within a female travel group. Their pictures told a story of who and what the North is and frankly the sublime captures are beyond definition.

A girl trip to the North is and will always be a brilliant idea, perhaps it’s the exciting thought of wanting to leave the wild city life to capture the serene welcoming lands beyond the North. The vast nature and bliss that comes with it has so much to offer, especially to lovers of the desert. There are many reasons to make time for the north but  today we capture why you and your girl posse should prioritize the North  for an escape with us Bucketlist Adventures.


This month of September we have an Ololokwe tour and Chalbi Desert experience coming up, click link below to have a look on where you’d like for us to take you.  https://bucketlist.co.ke/trips/mtololokwe-summit-campin,

Chalbi Desert & Loiyangalani Tour

Here are some of the reasons why traveling to the North is such an exceptional idea.

The Love For Adventure

The north is a giver and not just from its natural presence but from the calm nature, the waters, the mountains , the different type of culture and ambience it offers. To move away from the city is to give yourself a chance to seek something different, the north promises to give different and it delivers wholly. If you and your girl gang love to seek adventure ,look no further ,the North is yours for the taking.

Fitness Club In The Wild.

Hiking female enthusiasts  are increasing by day and this in every way is a sublime thing. Areas like Ololokwe offer great physical challenges , especially hiking to the peak and going down the trails. Nothing beats a good physical challenge away from home especially when it’s an all female team aiming at winning together.


Girl’s Escape

Looking for an area to run to away from the busy streets? The North is the one, a girl escape trip to the North, through road, is highly recommended it offers time to catch up, the funscape and most importantly the silence just hanging out with a group of people you highly relate in an area with so much pure bliss and great vibes only.

Picturesque (Instagrammable Power)

It goes without saying that if pictures are not captured to the North why even go? The serene areas from the Namunyaka Conservancy, to Sabachi Camp, to Ngurunit offer their beauty in the most undefined manner, you cannot miss to capture the perfect memory with your lady group in the ocean of sands that the North offers diligently.

Bucketlist Worthy

Touring our own country is one thing but having to tick off a trip  from your bucketlist is another, for a female group out of town , the North is much more receptive especially to an avid girl-group travel lovers or better yet looking to experience something beyond the norm. The area offers more than just nature but is pretty much friendly to all activities you might need to explore.

Ditch the idea of club hopping or the normal extravagant hotels, when you travel to the north be ready to indulge as a Northener camping here and there , bonfires, great delicacies  that might not be served or prepared to your routine but are oh worth your attention.

The North is beyond the normal capacity of what we envision as a touristic destination ,it’s enthralling in its own way and memorable in its unique manner. Be sure to check out our upcoming North trips this month of September and get ready to indulge, bucketlister or better yet , bucketlisteress !!

To the gentlemen buckle up even the North loves a male synergy!




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