The Bittersweet Escarpment Madness Experience

The Bittersweet Escarpment Madness Experience

The paved roads of the usual running spots in the city can become monotonous for experienced runners or even recreational runners, so a growing interest in trail running is not at all suprising. Last weekend we took the ridges and the riftvalley escarpment by surprise!

The saying goes: ‘If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon. We say, If you want to talk to your faith, run an Escarpment Madness’. Well, faith(s) were talked to this weekend at the EscarpmentMadness especially the chaps that did 30KM. To put it in perspective, road running is for realists. Run a marathon, a half or a 10k and you’re competing against a clock. You’re trying to get your body to run as efficiently as possible for the shortest amount of time possible. Trail running, however, is something entirely different. 70 plus runners braved the cold weather and afew minutes past 8;00AM madness started.


Ms Orangi at the finish line……………..

……………………….Had just climbed do Mt. Kilimanjaro then you signed up for the madness. Then you realize there’s no going back… I mean, it’s a Sunday, woke up at 4.30 and I’m at Kinungi 😁😁… But good thing is that there’s nothing as refreshing as conquering a challenge… Especially when you know you ain’t the only one who loves this ‘sport’ called running… And when you know there’s others who signed up for the same race, so the trail won’t be lonely 🙂… Oh, and that huge gratifying medal at the finish line!!

It was gruesome but very satisfying. Thanks to the organizers for keeping us upbeat! Thanks for a great experience. 🙂 M. Orangi

When the shocker appears………take a deep breathe E.V.E
Juma and Isaac

……………………..Escarpment Madness Trail run 2019 was a master shocker to many. It wasn’t the normal trail run many recreational runners are used to due to the several steep hills participants had to literally climb. The chilly weather and great support along the routes by the organizers made the tough rough terrain bearable. This was my toughest run ever and I’m glad I crossed the finish line after 2 hours and 26 minutes having done 20kms.Kudos to the organizers and it’s a route worth trying again! Edwin Odira

Njoki Kimani in action at the Escarpment Madness

…………………It was that day that Imms Wanji suggested that hills would be calling some of us by name but shock on us we were the ones who were humbled and called every one of them by the names bestowed on them by the team at Bucketlist Adventures. I won’t say I didn’t have fun despite the challenge. I did. The support team was the other reason I hacked Stage 3 and 4. One support team member there is no song he didn’t sing from the top of his mind throughout those uphills. Thie Ūkiumaga….Ndaiga uthie Ūkiumaga to Haha ni Gûte into Swahili and back to Tuthie na mbere hanini hanini muthenya uyu niuguthira.

Statements like,”Gutire thina utathiraga ona uyu no uguthira(no problem is permanent even this one will end) made me laugh a good one.It was necessary for that altitude of about 2500+ to be beaten. I was blessed by their company until they allowed me to break away.

No human is limited if we successfully tackled this. The human spirit is amazing and this just gives me the power to believe anything coming after this can never be too tuff. Njoki Kimani

With this experience under participant’s belt, we can be sure a good number is game for another run, you know what? If you really want to connect with your body, nature and your fellow runners, there really is nothing like the Escarpment Madness. So need to try out? Click here for the Escarpment Madness 2.0

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