Watching their pictures  posted or shared on social media, gave a healthy legit Fomo, I guess it's the energy shared within a female travel group. Their pictures told a story of who and what the North is and frankly the sublime captures are beyond definition. A girl trip to the North is and will always be a brilliant idea, perhaps it's the exciting thought of wanting

PAYMENTS For all the services contracted, certain advance payment should be made to hold the booking, on a confirmed basis & the balance amount can be paid upon arrival in the country before the commencement of the services. The management holds the right to decide upon the amount to be paid as advance payment, based on the nature of the service & the time left for

In January 2019, I started my 6th year as an expedition leader. My priority for 2019 was to tick off trails that have remained elusive for a long time. One of these notorious peaks is Mt. Kinangop standing tall at 3,906m. Mount Kinangop is the toughest peak on the range despite being the second highest. Hikers refer to it as "Mother Kinangop" and with good


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