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Njanuary is inching closer to the end and the hiking bug is just about to bite! It’s easy to dismiss hiking as something reserved for the super fit and adventurous. However, one of the greatest benefits of hiking is that it’s actually really accessible, inclusive and easy to do, regardless of your fitness levels. Oooh sijui I don't have proper hiking gear! Nah!!!!! you

A good chunk of recreational runners the desire to do a marathon has always been about personal challenge. There are those who come out to test their own limits or prove to themselves that they can go the distance. Some foolishly been talked into by-I will tell you why foolishly someday. Some would like to lose weight, get healthier or raise awareness for a charity. Kilimanjaro

One of the Sleeping Bandas Interiors Many parents won’t allow their child to go on a school field trip or school outdoor education trip unless they are chaperoning, so it’s no surprise that those same parents may find the idea of sending their child to sleep-away camp incomprehensible. As a camp parent, you may get a shocked response from one of these “non-camp” parents. They may

The woods offer a special reprieve from daily life at the same time that they present unusual challenges, and it’s this combination that makes camping such a wonderful avenue of growth. Beyond the fun and fresh air, camping can teach teens and pre-teens valuable life lessons and a wide range of experiences opportunities for self-discovery, learning and physical and mental wellness. The unfortunate

So, we are headed out to Chalbi Desert this loooong Mashujaa weekend. This will most definitely be useful to the people that are tagging along for the North experience We are putting this down so as you don’t get caught in the great outdoors unprepared. Here is what you would need to know or bring for a successful first desert tour/camping trip. Number one commandment of

The other day someone asked me what I gain by waking up early in the AM to just run like a night runner ok morning runner trihihihi well the thing is, my first induction in this running like a mad man business was afew months ago! I had gone out to map the escarpment madness route( another ESCARPMENT MADNESS edition is coming up) I

Date 21st September 2019Difficulty: Moderate The Aberdares is one of the most vibrant mountain ecosystems in East Africa. While the upper moorland is well explored, the lower montane forest remains a mystery. On the Muranga side of Southern Aberdares is a series of waterfalls. One of these waterfalls is Kahiti accessed from Mwisho wa Raha Shopping Centre in Muranga. The hike to the waterfall is of


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