11 October, 2021

The trail starts in a town near the Namanga River and snakes steeply up the slope to the first vantage or false summit with an amazing view of the town. From here the hike gets into a deep forest and the distance is determined by how fit the group is. The thick forest is a surprise in the dry surroundings with beautiful plants all the way.
9 August, 2021

The hike takes you to the beautiful Lake Ellis on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Lake Ellis is one of the Glacial Lakes of mount Kenya and is found in the eastern part of Kenya. The hike starts at the Chogoria Gate and takes you through the dense forest covered with both indigenous and man-made trees to Lake Ellis. The hike guarantees a clear view of the peaks on a good
4 August, 2021

The trail begins at Kwa Matu Centre and after crossing a river begins climbing steeply up to Table Mountain. After table mountain, the trailheads are on a flat continuous ridge towards 7 ponds, a group of 7 small tarns that keep water for the animals when the mountain dries up. From 7 ponds the trail follows buffalo tracks to the distinct tooth-like ridge that is the Rurimueria summit. 
19 July, 2021

This hike takes you through the towering peak of Aberdares. The hill is considered the third highest in the Aberdare Ranges rising to an elevation of 3,860m asl. It is the best Mt. Kenya preparation Hike. 
12 July, 2021

The Gatamaiyu Riverline walk is very ideal for Kids and beginners raring to have a go at hiking or experienced hikers who love beautiful trails and like keeping it easy sometimes. The trail is along a river, under a canopy of natural indigenous forest, with a few muddy patches. The forest is a habitat to a wide range of bird species including the globally threatened Abbot’s starling and the bar-tailed
7 July, 2021

Sleeping Warrior and Ugali hills are located northwest of Nairobi at the foot of the Great Rift Valley and resemble a man lying on his back hence the name. The hills are adjacent to Lake Elementaita on one side and Soysambu Conservancy is on the other side. The first climb will take us through Sleeping Warrior before attempting the second Ugali Hill which is a steep climb. Proper hiking boots
6 July, 2021

Karuru Falls is located in the Aberdares National Park, Nyandarua County, and is a place of many unique natural wonders. This majestic waterfall drops down in three steps, 1st step 117M, 2nd step 26M, and 3rd 130M, making a total of 273M. After park check-in we drive to the farthest waterfall Chania falls. A short walk from the bus leads to this waterfall with a viewing deck at the bottom.
30 June, 2021

Camp Ndunda Falls is located at the edge of the Njukiri forest. The hike takes you through this indigenous forest with two rivers crossing through it. The Native forest scenery all around, exotic trees, a meandering river, and natural forest sounds make you feel pumped up and will definitely make the walk worthwhile. The hike takes about 5-6hrs to complete.
30 June, 2021

Join this Exciting Expedition with a team of Adventure lovers. Oloroka range offers a moderate day hike experience in the vast Maasai land overlooking the great rift valley. The hike begins with a long road trek to the base of the hill after which we start the steep climb up. The terrain is mostly rocky and a bit steep, with long grass in the upper areas making it adventurous. This
28 June, 2021

Camp Ndunda Falls is located in a serene forest barely 20 minutes drive past Embu Town. The camp is blessed to have two rivers, River Kie and Rupingazi crossing through the forest. The camp is at the edge of the Njikiri forest that stretches from Embu across the borders to the neighboring Kirinyaga County. The forest provides a beautiful natural setting for the perfect trail run and mudathon challenge. On

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