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The Enda Go 4-8. - Bucketlist Adventures
Wambomba Gaston 30th August 2019 0

The Enda Go 4-8.

At Bucketlist Adventures, we are equally excited about such a running experience: The Enda Go 4-8.

This is a whole new experimental type of running event, the organizers are calling it a 4-8-48. Every 4 hours, you will have to run 8km, repeated for 48 hours. This is to say, 12 runs for a total of 96km with over 4000m of climbing. Guys at Enda say, this equivalent to climbing from Everest Base Camp to the summit. Obviously this is a challenging event. You should not take part in this event unless you are prepared mentally and physically to do at least 14 hours on your feet in a 48 hour period. It should also be the most fun running weekend of your life.

The scenery is out of this world. It is stunning, and after every run, every runner returns to camp to rest, refuel, and get ready for the next run. Given the space limitation of the camping area and trails, participation is limited to 30 runners ONLY. Each runner will be able to bring up to 2 guests to join them for the weekend. This means a total potential of 90 people at the camp sharing this magical experience.


Each runner is required to run with a GPS enabled device to track their run. Each runner will be responsible for uploading run to Strava at the end of each run, including #EndaGo48 in the title and marking the run as a race. This means your Elapsed Time, not moving Time, will then be added across all 12 up to calculate your result.

Required Equipment

Every runner will be required to carry the following gear while running. Gear will be checked before each run. You will only be able to start each run, and your results will only count if you are confirmed to have required gear.

1.A GPS watch, GPS enabled mobile phone, or similar device, to record the run

2.Mobile phone

3.300ml of water or sports drink

4.During night runs, a headlamp and backup flashlight will be required.

Sounds exciting? Go yee ahead and register!


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