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The Namibia Coastline and Desert Views - Bucketlist Adventures
munyaka 27th August 2019 0

The Namibia Coastline and Desert Views

Namib desert is one of the few places on earth with some of the tallest and most spectacular dunes of the world, ranging in color from pink to bright orange. These dunes right to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The cold waters of the sea brushing against the dunes of the Namib desert is one of the most surreal sights.

(George Steinmetz/National Geographic Stock

The Skeleton Coast’s off-shore rocks and heavy fog have caused numerous shipwrecks throughout centuries. The wreck of Eduard Bohlen that ran a ground in 1909, pictured here, sits a quarter about a kilometre away from the water€™s edge. The best way to see many of the shipwrecks is from safari planes flying above.


(George Steinmetz/National Geographic Stock)

The Kuiseb is an ephemeral river. If I can remember what my geography teacher taught in class, An ephemeral river is€” a river that only flows during periods of heavy rain. Pictured here is the Kuiseb Canyon where the river meets the Namib-Naukluf National Park and splits into many smaller dry rivers.

Desert view

The eastern edge of the Namib-Naukluf National Park is home to the Namib Rand Natural Reserve. The many habitats, including sandy plains and mountains, allow various animals to thrive. In this aerial view, zebras run through the desert.


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