Rurimueria Mauano Hike

Difficulty: High to Very High
Altitude: 12,670ft
Trekking Time: 8-9 hours
Rurimeria Hill forms one of the towering peak of the Aberdare...

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Machame Route

(Up via Machame Down via Mweka Route)
Duration: 6 Days + 2 (spent in Moshi hotel)
Machame route is regarded as the mos...

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Kilimanjaro Marathon 2019 Package

The Kilimanjaro marathon is one of the high profile marathons in Africa. It also doubles up as one of the cheapest marathons in the world at only KES 600 per pe...

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Mt. Kenya Chogoria Expedition

Chogoria to Sirimon is the most scenic transverse on Mt Kenya route. For the visitor hoping to see more not just hike, this is the perfect combination with mult...

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Elephant Hill


Elephant hill forms the southern tip of the Aberdare ranges, which host the Aberdares National Reserve. Elephant is about 3560 M in altit...

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Mt. Rwenzori Expedition

A. EXPEDITION ITINERARY (Central Circuit Route)
The Central Circuit is the best way to ascend this big African mountain. The hike starts from Nyakalengija; the...

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