Northern Moorland Table Mountain Hike

The Northern moorlands of the Aberdares have long been accessed from the Shamata gate in Nyandarua. However, with our recent efforts we bring you this ex...

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Ethiopia Odyssey 2019

Ethiopia is one of the oldest Civilizations in the world. The country is divided into the southern and northern Sector. This trip basically takes you through th...

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Mt. Suswa Hike

Expedition Package
Join this Exciting Expedition with a team of Adventure lovers. Test your limit as we engage with this beast well known for a difficult climb...

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Soysambu Hike

From Emali Town along Mombasa Road,  Located at the edge of Kajiado and Makueni County lies Soysambu Hills a challenge waiting to be explored. The trails begins...

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Lemon Valley

Lemon Valley New Year’s Eve Party

Dates: 29th /30th /31st - 1st Jan (3 packages)
Lemon Valley Farm is a chic escape fashioned out of the hills overlooking La...

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Hiking Oloroka

Hiking at Oloroka
The Oloroka massif standing at 2048m above sea level at its highest (olesekut summit), is one of two mountains flanking the little town of Ol...

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