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Nairobi Beer Mile

23 November, 2023

Nairobi Beer Mile

Welcome to the Nairobi Beer Mile Championship!

The beer mile is simple. Drink 4 beers and run 4 laps around a standard 400m track in alternatiqcng fashion as quickly as you can.

Returning for its second edition in the long-distance running capital of the world Nairobi as well as the party center of Africa we expect the whole town to throw their hat in the ring for the challenge.

If the beer mile is too much of a challenge for you, then the beer relay is just for you. Done in traditional 4X4 Relay fashion, you will be required to drink one beer, run a full lap, and pass the baton to your teammate up to the last person. The trick here is in whose company you run in!

Where, When & What Drinks 

Date: 6th April,2024

Venue: Ulinzi Sports Complex.

Time: 1300hrs

Available Drinks: Beer (Lager) & Cider (350ml, 4%- 5% ABV)

Chugging Program

1200hrs Arrivals & Registration

Beer Tasting and pairing.

1230hrs Beer Mile Bell and Briefing

1300hrs Race Marshall Test Lap

1330hrs Beer Mile Laps

1430hrs Beer Relay Heats

1500hrs Awards

1530hrs Afterparty


Beer Relay: KES 2,000 PP (Team of 4pax required)

Beer Milers: KES 2,850

Beer Mile & Relay Combo: KES 4,000 PP

Spectators: Free

Buy Tickets on the link Below

Included In your Tickets

  • Beers for the Competition
  • Runners Bib
  • Souvenir Beer Mile Finisher Mug
  • Participants Support tent with free hydration

Registration Process

  1. Pay for your registration tickets via MPESA details as below:-
    Paybill: 7733330
    Account: Your Name

Then Fill the registration form below:

Beer Mile Rules

  1. Each competitor drinks four cans or bottles of beer and runs four laps around a standard 400m running track (start with chugging a beer, then run a lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap – finish).
  2. Beer must be consumed before the lap begins within the transition area. The transition area is the 10-meter zone between the waterfall starting line for a mile race and the finish line of a 400m track.
  3. The race begins with competitors lined up on the mile starting line, drinking the first beer in the transition zone described in the step above. This ensures competitors cover a complete mile. Competitors can walk/move in the transition area while drinking, but all beer must be consumed in the transition area before setting off to run a lap
  4. Competitors must drink canned or bottled beer that is 350mL in volume.
  5. Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner. (e.g. no puncturing the can, squeezing the can, etc.). The same applies for bottles – no straws or other aids allowed that speed up the pouring process. The only action allowed is opening the can/bottle.
  6. Each beer can/bottle must not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone on each lap.
  7. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race (immediately after the completion of their 4th lap). Vomiting more than once during the race still only requires one penalty lap at the end.
  8. When attempting a performance for the official records, it is recommended to provide video evidence of the race and prove that all beer was sufficiently drunk. This can be achieved by tipping the empty beer over your head after each chug to verify an empty vessel or by collecting the containers and pouring the contents into a measuring cup to prove there is less than 120ml of liquid/foam remaining total across all four beers.
  9. You may bring your opener and run with it to ensure we do not slow you down with the group ones.
  10. All participants must fill out the registration form for the event on the following link.

Beer Relay Rules

  1. Each Team drinks four cans or bottles of beer and runs four laps around a standard 400m running track (start with Team player 1 chugging a beer, then run a lap, then Team player 2 chugs a beer, then lap, then team player 3 chugs a beer, then lap, then Team player 4 chugs a beer, then lap – finish).
  2. The runner must be taped by the preceding one before opening their beer and starting their race.
  3. Any runner who vomits in the process must repeat a penalty lap at the end of the last runner in their team finishing. This is counted as part of their time.
  4. No drinking aids allowed in the race.
  5. Runners must tip the bottle/can over their heads as proof that the contents are finished.

Timing & Results

Each race will be timed by our umpires who will compile the best times and announce the winners as well as publish all the results at the end of the competition.

Custom Branded Team Bandanas

Would you like some custom-branded beer mile bandanas? Order for your team before 3rd April at KES 1,500 for 4 bandanas. Get in touch with our Secretariat with the contacts below for that.


We have exciting Beer Mile merchandise on sale as below: –

  1. T-shirts & Singlets KES 1,200
  2. Beer Mugs – KES 1,000 (Free for participants)
  3. Bandanas – KES 400

Beer Mile Village (Food & Drinks)

We will have delicious food and drinks mostly barbeque-oriented on sale on site. Drinks will be sold by our vendors and partners at the village at affordable rates. Food and drinks from outside are strictly not allowed.


Plenty of parking will be available at the Ulinzi Sports Complex.

Foreigners’ Access to the Event

Because the event is in a military camp, it is a requirement to submit the details (name and passport numbers) of all non-Kenyan citizens to the venue by Wednesday 3rd April 2024. Please get in touch with our secretariat with your details for registration via [email protected] or +254 757 880 880.

Mandatory Identification Document to Access Venue

You will need a copy of your National Identification Document or Passport to access the Venue. This is strict as the venue is hosted in a military camp so kindly adhere.


Participant Enquiries: Stacey – +254 757 880 880

Event Partner & Vendor Enquiries: Moreen – +254 700 382227

Beer Mile FAQs

  1. What should I wear to the Beer Mile

The Beer Mile is a fun event. Make it even more interesting by getting creative with how you as a team dress up. Heck, you can even do it in a suit!

  1. How do I open the Beers?

We will have a few openers on the table but beat time-wasting by coming up with your opener and run with it!

  1. Do I need to buy beer to participate?

Absolutely no! Beers are included in your registration.

  1. What determines the winner?

The person or team that chugs beer correctly and finishes first according to time.

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